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Hiro + Wolf

Hiro + Wolf | Inca Pink Hound Collar

Hiro + Wolf | Inca Pink Hound Collar

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These luxury pink pet accessories are handmade from soft Inca style blankets woven in Bolivia. Also available in electric blue or deep holly fabric, trimmed with thick vegetable tanned leather. These handmade dog collars use high quality buckles and solid d rings, secured by two rivets, making them ideal collars for large dogs (and small strong ones!). Featuring a unique, circular cut-out design to reveal a colourful fabric underneath.

Designed specifically for small and large hounds including italian greyhounds, whippets, greyhounds and lurchers, the collar's 'fishtail' design prevents it from slipping over their slim heads and protects their delicate windpipes.


SMALL: Width 4cm/1.5inch x Length 23cm/9inch to 29cm/11.5inch

MEDIUM: Width 5cm/2inch x Length 29cm/11.5inch to 35cm/14inch

LARGE: Width 6cm/2.5inch x Length 35cm/14inch to 42cm/16.5inch

Made in United Kingdom

Care Instructions

Firstly a great way of extending the life of your fur babies accessories would be to alternate your favourite styles, just like you do!

We recommend gently spot cleaning these accessories with a soft clean cloth and delicates wool mix detergent.

The Casper & Mads Range are fine weather accessories and aren't suited to rainy days!

If your fur baby scratches obsessively or plays rough with with other doggo's or cats, it can compromise the look of their accessories. Thank you ♥

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