About us

We have always been inspired by having the most precious pooches & kitty cats as special family members, that we decided we wanted to bring fun and happiness to others too.  How you might ask? By providing gorgeous pet accessories to purchase online, such as designer dog collars and cat collars that are unique.  We believe this adds fun touches to their beauty & charisma.  The Casper & Mads collection are lovingly handmade in Melbourne, by myself, and can be custom fitted, if desired. 

We support Anti-greyhound racing and encourage you to do the same. Have you thought about fostering a beautiful Greyhound? There are many rescuses around Australia that need your help! Please contact your local one today to find out how you can help ‚ô•

Take care and sending best wishes from all of us in Melbourne, Australia xox

Introducing one of our Brand Ambassadors

This beautiful boy is one of our very patient pooches, who was partly the inspiration behind our brand and he tirelessly gives his time to showcase our Dog Collars, for a treat or two! Here he is wearing the Floral Pink Dog Collar from our Casper & Mads range.

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