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Hiro + Wolf

Hiro + Wolf | Combs Classic Leather-Free Pet Leash

Hiro + Wolf | Combs Classic Leather-Free Pet Leash

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The leafy green Combs collection has a pink and olive combs pattern repeated across the fabric, inspired by the African 'comb' symbol meaning 'beauty'. Printed onto organic cotton.

Hiro + Wolf know that a lot of their customers live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, and for many of them, this extends to the products they buy for their pets. After receiving a huge amount of requests, they have rigorously tested different materials and designs to ensure that their vegan range maintains the same quality and durability that you would expect from our originals.

Sizing: Classic: Width 2cm/ 0.8inch x Length 105cm/ 41inch

Care Instructions

Firstly a great way of extending the life of your fur babies accessories would be to alternate your favourite styles, just like you do!

We recommend gently spot cleaning these accessories with a soft clean cloth and delicates wool mix detergent.

The Casper & Mads Range are fine weather accessories and aren't suited to rainy days!

If your fur baby scratches obsessively or plays rough with with other doggo's or cats, it can compromise the look of their accessories. Thank you ‚ô•

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